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Every Sunday night, Overwatch Recall brings you a list of Overwatch, Overwatch League, and Path to Pro podcasts that were published the week before.

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Overwatch Recall July 9th-July 15th


The Cavalry – WANTED Torb ‘Bleep’ Buffs in Overwatch

Enter The Iris – SR Focus Is Not A-Mei-Zing

Heroes Never Die – We Esports Now

Omnic Lab – Hammond First Thoughts & Endorsements Meta

Omnic Weekly – A Hamster In A Tutu

The Overcast – Episode 159

Watchpoint Radio – The Stuff You Didn’t Think About w/ Foo


Around The Payload – Return From Summer Break

The Back Cap (Path to Pro) – Dark Sided of the Moon

The Bird Watchers – Episode 18

Blackwatch Report (Path to Pro) – Corey In The House

High Noon – Birth of the London Gladiators

The Over League – Episode 19

Overtime (Path to Pro/OCE) – OTPC Season 2 Episode 2 feat. MGC Swilko Recap

Overwatch League Network – Playoffs Preview

Overwatch League Recap – A Season in Review: Bottom Six

Overwatch Rundown – Season 1 Playoff Preview

Overwatch Recall July 2nd-July 8th


BlackwatchCast (German) – Episode 79

Enter The Iris – Having A Ball

Heroes Never Die – Rolling Out On PTR

JunkertownFM – Beret Is Not A 4 Letter Word

Low Team Damage – Hamming It Up

Omnic Lab – Going Deep Mercy With Vale

Omnic Weekly – Throwing Turrets

Triggered – The Joy of Murdering A Tiny Hamster

Uberview – Hammond vs. Junker Queen

Watchpoint Radio – He Came In Like A Wrecking Ball


The Back Cap (Path to Pro) – Sugarfree Prodigy

Blackwatch Report (Path to Pro) – Talespinning Into The Limelight

High Noon – WAY Closer Than We Thought

Let’s Break It Down – The Grand Finale of Grand Finales

MEKAcast – Like A Wrecking Ball

OverSight – OWL S1 Playoff Bonanza

Overtime (Path to Pro/OCE) – OTPC Season 2 Episode 2

Overwatch League Network – EnVisioning The Fuel

OWL Things Considered – Space Jam | Space – Offtank from LA Valiant

Watch The Overture – Atrophy of Meaning

Overwatch Recall June 25th-July 1st


BlackwatchCast (German) – Overwatch Contenders Season 2

The Cavalry – Tanks, Teams, and Tilt

Enter The Iris – Mental State

Heroes Never Die – The REAL Deathball

Omnic Lab – How Skill Rating Works

The Overcast – Episode 158

Triggered – It’s Safe To Be A Woman On Overwatch Again

Watchpoint Radio – One And A Quarter


The Back Cap (Path to Pro) – Skyfoxes & Disbands

The Bird Watchers – Episode 17

Blackwatch Report (Path to Pro) – 2 New Episodes

FOWL Play (Fantasy OWL) – 2 Hour Season Wrap Up Sectacular!

High Noon – A Fantastic Nightmare

MEKAcast – The Stage 4 Title Matches

One Trick Hero – End of the Regular Season Rundown

Outlaws Outpost (Houston Outlaws) – End of Season One / The Future

Overtime (Path to Pro/OCE) – OTPC Season 2 Episode 1 feat. SDB Jordation

Overwatch League Network – Primed For Postseason

Overwatch League Recap – From The Stages To The Playoffs

Watch The Overture – Death of the Old Gods

Overwatch Recall June 18th-June 24th


BlackwatchCast (German) – Overwatch World Cup 2018

Enter The Iris – Game Sense

Heroes Never Die – Put Up Postseason

Omnic Lab – Triple Tank Comp With Leebomb20

Omnic Weekly – A Majestic Hog

Triggered – Now We Are A Pokemon Podcast

Watchpoint Radio – Stability


The Back Cap (Path to Pro) – Trials Updates

Blackwatch Report (Path to Pro) – The World Keeps Turning

High Noon – Sand Bag Or Sloppy?

Instalock NYXL (NYXL) – Stage 4 Finals, What Went Wrong?

Overwatch League Network – Owen 40

Overwatch League Recap – A Dallas Redemption Story

Overwatch Rundown – 2 New Episodes

OWL Things Considered – How Do You Pitch An Article?

Overwatch Recall June 11th-June 17th


BlackwatchCast (German) – Episode 78

The Cavalry – Tilt Comp Coming Soon to Overwatch

Heroes Never Die – Turret Moon Escape

JunkertownFM – If I’m Not Bootin’, I’m Not Rootin’

Omnic Lab – Going Deep: Zarya with CANAS1AN

Omnic Weekly – A Monkey On Your Back

Quickwatch – Introducing Overwatch 2.0

Triggered – I Wanna Murder Your Face And Feel Good About It

Uberview – The Only Coleman I Know

Watchpoint Radio – Wishful Thinking


Around The Payload – The Renaissance of Mickie

The Back Cap (Path to Pro) – Two Ways

The Bird Watchers – Stage 4 Week 4

Blackwatch Report (Path to Pro) – The Juice is Loose!

High Noon – The Final Countdown

Instalock NYXL (NYXL) – Two New Episodes

MEKAcast – The Penultimate Week

Outlaws Outpost (Houston Outlaws) – Stage 4 Weeks 3 & 4 with Rawkus

OverSight – The Problem With Boston (feat. Crusty and Harsha)

Overwatch League Daily – Two New Episodes

Overwatch League Network – Pity Party Bus

Overwatch League Recap – Week 4 NY Sandbagging

Overwatch Rundown – They Always Find A Way To Lose

OWL Things Considered – GOATS GOATS GOATS

Overwatch Recall June 4th-June 10th


The Cavalry – There’s No Leaf Blowing in Overwatch

Enter The Iris – Mechanical Skill

Heroes Never Die – Endorsing Symmetra 2.0

Omnic Lab – Strat Brewing: Ultimate Economy

The Overcast – Episode 154

Triggered – We Don’t Even Know What’s Happening Anymore

Watchpoint Radio – Jaastradamus


The Back Cap (Path to Pro) – xQc in the 303

The Bird Watchers – Stage 4 Week 3

Blackwatch Report (Path to Pro) – 2 New Episodes

High Noon – 2 New Episodes

Instalock NYXL (NYXL) – 6 Sandbag Boys

Let’s Break It Down – Oh NOW You Open The Stats Tab

MEKAcast – The Victorious Valiant

One Trick Hero – Stage 4 Seems Fishy

The Over League – Episode 18

Overwatch League Network – Fissure 6 Times

Overwatch League Recap – The King of LA

Overwatch Rundown – Feeling Tired?

OWL Things Considered – Ryan Morrison – Video Game Attorney

Overwatch Recall May 28th-June 3rd


BlackwatchCast (German) – OWL Season 1 Finale

Enter The Iris – Pirate Ship

Fragging Out – Eat Ass, Not Storm Arrows

Heroes Never Die – Living Ana Hope & Dream

JunkertownFM – The Smart Fella & The Fart Smella

Omnic Lab – Figuring Out Deathmatch

Omnic Weekly – Ana Needs a Scooter

The Overcast – Episode 153

Triggered – The Definitive List of What Sandwich Each OWL Team Is

Watchpoint Radio – Technical Difficulties


Around The Payload – Passing on Ree Ju Jay Kong

The Back Cap (Path to Pro) – BEAT Upsets

The Bird Watchers – Stage 4 Week 2

Blackwatch Report (Path to Pro) – ProFiles: Elk of Fusion University

FOWL Play (Fantasy OWL) – FuelsGoodMan

High Noon – Brought to you by D-Fuel

Instalock NYXL (NYXL) – Cruise Control

Let’s Break It Down – The Return of Dallas

One Trick Hero – I Don’t Really Care For This Podcast, Personally

Outlaws Outpost (Houston Outlaws) – Stage 4 Weeks 1 & 2 / Linkzr

OverSight – Custa Doing Business feat. Taimou and Agilities

Overtime (Path to Pro/OCE) – SDB Win

Overwatch League Daily – 2 New Episodes

Overwatch League Network – Started From The Bottom

Overwatch League Recap – Week 2 Burning Blue!

Overwatch Rundown – Do They Know They’re Playing For Playoff Spots?

OWL Things Considered – High Noon History

Overwatch Recall May 21st-May 27th


BlackwatchCast (German) – Episode 76

The Cavalry – 1776 as ‘BLEEP’

Enter The Iris – Triple Tank

Heroes Never Die – Brigitte Shakeups

JunkertownFM – Canyoneroooooooo!

Omnic Lab – Map Mastery: Oasis w/ KarQ

Omnic Weekly – The Big Leak

The Overcast – Episode 152

Quickwatch – What’s in the Anniversary Event?

TheoryWatch – The Last Episode…… For Now

Triggered – Theory: Geguri is Charlie Sheen From Major League

Watchpoint Radio – Welcome to Year Three!


The Back Cap (Path to Pro) – Contenders Megasode

The Bird Watchers – Episode 13

Blackwatch Report (Path to Pro) – 2 New Episodes

FOWL Play (Fantasy OWL) – Sheepshajen is a Must Pick

High Noon – The Outlaws Might Be Comin’

Instalock NYXL (NYXL) – The New Meta & Special Guest Padromi

Let’s Break It Down – Super Quick Edition

MEKAcast – Stage 4, Week 1

One Trick Hero – Fishwhisper is Still Missing

Outlaws Outpost (Houston Outlaws) – Stage 3 Week 5 and The Road Ahead / Spree

The Over League – Episode 17

OverSight – Amnesty Starts now (feat. Mr X and Reinforce)

Overwatch League Network – Sado’s Shadow

Overwatch League Recap – [Stage 4] Week 1 with OWL Caster Hexagrams

Overwatch Rundown – Stage 4 Begins…. Playoff Hunt Heats Up

OWL Things Considered – Sideshow (Overwatch League Analyst)

Overwatch Recall May 14th-May 20th


BlackwatchCast (German) – Episode 75

The Cavalry – The Overwatch OPAF Pirate Meta

Enter The Iris – Tank Coaching

Fragging Out – Symmetra: The Last Light Bender

Heroes Never Die – Nerf This!

JunkertownFM – Tid-get For Prime Minister

Omnic Lab – New Hanzo Rework With Arrge

Omnic Weekly – A Magic Lootbox

Triggered – Let’s Have A Beef

Watchpoint Radio – Big Boss Hanzo


Around The Payload – The Evolution of Dive

Blackwatch Report (Path to Pro) – A Look… Into The FUTURE!

FOWL Play (Fantasy OWL) – A Whole New World

High Noon – Yes, It’s A Bit

Instalock NYXL (NYXL) – Building a Community with GreatRootBear of 5 Deadly Venoms

Let’s Break It Down – Back to Back XL

MEKAcast – Stage 4 Predictions

One Trick Hero – Real Life Ruins Podcast

The Over League – Episode 16.5 Mini Cast

OverSight – Schrödinger’s Coach (feat. Kyky and Gods)

The OverView – Hanzo 2.0 (feat. Yiska)

Overwatch Contenders Daily (Path to Pro) – Chinese Contenders Grand Final Recap with OWL Caster Alan Gai

Overwatch League Network – The Epicenter

Overwatch League Recap – A Rocky Start!

Overwatch Rundown – LUL What Patch Is This?

OWL Things Considered – Building A World Cup Team (feat. DPei)

Overwatch Recall May 7th-May 13th


The Cavalry – Abandoned Again

Enter The Iris – Toast to Toast

Heroes Never Die – Hanz-NO

JunkertownFM – It’s a Bit Like Dracula in Prison

Omnic Lab – Brigittepocalypse

Omnic Weekly – It’s A Pink World

The Overcast – Episode 151

Triggered – Filthy Hanzo Mains

Waifus of Overwatch – I’ve Got You In My Sights With Fred Tatasciore

Watchpoint Radio – It’s Time For Some Changes


The Back Cap (Path to Pro) – Crong Place, Crong Time

The Bird Watchers – Episode 12

Blackwatch Report (Path to Pro) – Chu, Assistant Coach for EnVision Esports

High Noon – Apparently It Was Thanos

MEKAcast – 2018’s Stage 3 Finals

The Over League – Episode 16

Overwatch Contenders Daily – Ft. Pixie

Overwatch League Daily (Multiple uploads)

Overwatch League Network – Ryujekong

Overwatch League Recap – Stage 3 Finals & Player Interviews

Overwatch Rundown (Multiple uploads)

Overwatch Recall April 29th-May 6th


BlackwatchCast (German) – Symmetra Rework & Overwatch World Cup 2018

The Cavalry – Torb Tilts Gabe in a Scooby-Doo Run Around

Enter The Iris – Big Brother Widow

Heroes Never Die – Crying Foul

JunkertownFM – If DK Doesn’t Want Her, I Do!

Know The Lore – Archives (Uprising and Retribution Overwatch Lore)

Omnic Lab – Game Show Celebration

Omnic Weekly – Summer in Rialto

The Overcast – Episode 150

Quickwatch – Symmetra Rework, Rialto, and Season 10 Thoughts

TheoryWatch – Brigitte: Meta Destroyer

Triggered – Announcing the Competitive Stardew Valley League

Watchpoint Radio – Symmetra the Great Destroyer


Around The Payload – Walking on Landmines

The Back Cap (Path to Pro) – SA Pacific Playoffs

The Bird Watchers – Episode 11 (Stage 3 Week 4)

Blackwatch Report (Path to Pro) – Biting Off More Than We Can Chew

FOWL Play (Fantasy OWL) – Not Too Soon

High Noon – Super Tie, Super Tie!

Let’s Break It Down – Rock In A Shanghai Place

MEKAcast – Shanghai’s Best Game Yet

Outlaws Outpost (Houston Outlaws) – Stage 3 Weeks 3 & 4

OverSight – Tactical Crouching (feat. Surefour and Danteh)

Overwatch League Daily – 2 New Episodes

Overwatch League Network – Platinum

Overwatch League Recap – [Stage 3] Week 4 The Calm Before the Storm

Overwatch Rundown – The Race for Four