League Picks launch woes

Fans looked to put their expertise to the test with the launch of League Picks.

League Picks entered a beta phase as Overwatch League returned for stage four on July 25th. The feature acts as additional way to earn Overwatch League tokens by making accurate predictions about the matches.

By completing challenges based on achieving a specific number of correct picks fans earn 25 league tokens. Fans can check their progress through the challenges tab.

The beta launch immediately hit a snag as the feature became overloaded on Twitch and the Overwatch League site. While some fans were able to grant permissions to use the Twitch extension others couldn’t get League Picks to work at all and couldn’t submit their answers for the games ahead.

As of Saturday, July 27th, League Picks have been disabled. The Overwatch League took the feature down for the remainder of the week to address technical issues. League Picks are expected to relaunch next week.

For more information on League Picks visit https://overwatchleague.com/en-us/news/23059438/introducing-league-picks

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