Hangzhou Spark suspend DPS player Krystal

It’s been a rocky week in the public eye for the Hangzhou Spark following recent attitude issues with DPS player Cai “Krystal” Shilong. Krystal failed to keep Spark management updated on the status of his 10-day leave of absence and was fined earlier in the week. 

An outline of Krystal’s issues throughout the last few months was released in a statement on the Spark’s Weibo earlier today.

Krystal traveled to the United States using a tourist visa before the start of Overwatch League’s second season which forced him to travel back to China in order to re-enter the country with the correct visa. He ended up missing the entirety of the preseason and the start of stage one after postponing his return until February 21.

Krystal lied about his reasoning for returning home often spending time with his girlfriend instead of caring for his mother as he had initially claimed.  Other misdemeanors include being unresponsive to coach demands, missing scrim and VOD review sessions, and toxic behavior.

The Hangzhou Spark tried to offload Krystal by trying to trade him once problems arose with Krystal looking to land on the Guangzhou Charge, Boston Uprising, and Washington Justice but no agreements were reached. Krystal has yet to return to the Hangzhou Spark. 

Hangzhou Spark return to the stage on Friday, August 2 when they face the Guangzhou Charge.


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