Fantasy OWL

With the Overwatch League right around the corner we're entering draft season for Fantasy Overwatch League. Below you can find a number of resources including where to play, which podcasts focus on the fantasy aspect of the league, and other resources that you might find helpful. If you have any other helping links/resources that you'd like me to add to the list please comment below!

Where to play:

There are currently three platforms providing Fantasy OWL offerings this season with Winston's Lab no longer in the picture. High Noon is returning its third season, Fantasy OWL is back with their second season, and a new challenger has entered the fold in DraftBuff. The biggest push for Fantasy OWL this year has been providers fully embracing the mobile experience.


High Noon offers three different ways to play Fantasy OWL.

Pick'ems - Each week you choose which teams you think will win in every matchup. Pick'ems was the first feature launched through High Noon.

Standard draft - These leagues allow players to get together and draft teams to compete against one another head-to-head. Each week you'll be matched against a different opponent. Winners are determined base on whichever team earns the most High Noon points. Scoring options can differ dependent on league settings (ie - raw scoring accounted for points earned in EVERY game for the week instead of using the best of score in traditional leagues).

Unlimited draft - These leagues have an unlimited size and don't have any set roster restrictions. Each week you'll look to build the perfect team and see how well you can score. Unlimited leagues feature a leaderboard and rather than going head-to-head you're looking to outscore the field.

New for this season: 3.0 is shaping up to be the biggest season yet on High Noon with the High Noon app coming to iOS and Android. More league customization, league activity logs, fantasy alerts, gamification, and additional on-site content is on the way. High Noon creator Souldrink guested on Episode 34 of OWL By The Numbers to go over all of the new features coming with 3.0!

Fantasy OWL (Daily)

FantasyOWL focuses on the daily format.

Players join daily contests looking to build a team of 6 and earn the most points for the day.

Each OWL player is assigned a "level". Players are allowed to spend up to 100 level to construct their team with rosters consisting of 2-3 damage dealers, 2-3 tanks, and 1-2 supports.

FantasyOWL has featured leagues each week and on occasion top performers can earn physical prizes. Other featured league offerings were provided by different FOWL podcasts.

New for this season: Fantasy OWL will be offering season long daily leagues. More details will be coming soon on other new features.

DraftBuff (App only)

While DraftBuff does have a website this platform revolves around the mobile experience of fantasy OWL.

Through DraftBuff players get together and draft teams to compete against one another head-to-head.

Default team rosters consist of 2 damage dealers, 2 tanks, and 2 support players with an additional 4 bench players.

Points revolve around four key stats: kills, deaths, damage, and healing.

The default scoring system: kills add 1 point, deaths subtract 1 point, 0.001 per damage, 0.001 per healing) but these settings can be adjusted by the league commissioner.

Also offer fantasy options for Call of Duty and League of Legends.

Fantasy OWL podcasts:

There are currently four different podcasts focusing on Fantasy Overwatch League heading into the new season. We have two previously established FOWL shows (OWL By The Numbers and FOWL Play) along with two new entries (Fantasy Overwatch Underground and Pickin' Good Ones With Booger). As of right now the only podcast not found on major podcatchers is Pickin' Good Ones With Booger. Should that change or more podcasts surface I'll add/update the links. All of the podcasts listed below are working together to release aggregate player rankings and will rank the top 30 tanks, 30 supports, and 40 DPS

. OWL By The Numbers

Hosted by Totemlydrunk, Edanar, Ramses, and occasionally BlazzinBob.

Podcast is available on major podcatchers and is one of several Overwatch podcasts under the Overwatch League Network's umbrella.


Hosted by Heebeejeebee, Tepojama, and Asmith.

Podcast is available on major podcatchers and is one of several Overwatch podcasts under the High Noon Productions umbrella.

Fantasy Overwatch Underground

Hosted by Dhulky.

Early episodes have featured weekly guest spots from Heebeejeebee, Totemlydrunk, Yiska, and Volamel.

Pickin' Good Ones With Booger

Hosted by Booger from Overwatch League Network.

Early episodes have focused on fantasy OWL rankings per role.

Currently streamed on Twitch but isn't available on podcatchers as of yet .

Other resources:


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