Daily Fantasy OWL: Bargain Bin Week 3

Week 2 of Fantasy OWL proved to be polarizing following a relatively low-scoring week for players NOT on the Washington Justice or Philadelphia Fusion. Before you step venture into this weekend’s fantasy contests you can find a full list of player costs here courtesy of Chris (fowl) from fantasyowl.com!

Through the first 2 weeks of daily fantasy Overwatch League our top 10 players (based on points per game) are as followed:

  1. TOR Kellex (support) 168.30 pts
  2. PHI Alarm (support) 159.59 pts
  3. TOR Nevix (tank) 159.34 pts
  4. TOR Kariv (support) 158.45 pts
  5. WAS Aimgod (support) 157.31 pts
  6. PAR Xzi (damage) 148.64 pts
  7. TOR Surefour (damage) 144.16 pts
  8. WAS Ellivote (tank) 143.77 pts
  9. WAS Stratus (damage) 143.39 pts
  10. PHI FunnyAstro (support) 141.31 pts

Each week I’ll be going through the player costs and looking for what players are a steal based on their levels. With player costs starting at 5 and going upwards of 22 the players I’m looking at will typically cost 16 or less. Bargain options are a great way to even out your spending and will allow you enough padding to secure someone that’s on the higher end of the cost scale. 

DPS Options:
LDN Babel 10 104.77
PHI Ivy 14 140.53
PAR Nicogdh 15 123.75
WAS Stratus 16 143.39
NYXL WhoRU 16 127.86

Support Options:
BOS Swimmer 12 62.57
HOU Jecse 13 70.39
PHI FunnyAstro 14 141.31
PAR FDGod 14 135.22
TOR Kellex 16 168.30 pts

Tank Options:
TOR Beast 13 143.52
PAR Hanbin 14 0.00
WAS r0ar 15 115.03
WAS Ellivote 16 143.77


  • Despite a number of flex support options making their way into the top 10 scorers overall Lucio/Baptiste players have been nothing to sneeze at and are more affordable.
  • The support lines of Toronto Defiant and Philadelphia Fusion became immediate standouts. While not the cheapest options going for a mix of main/flex supports in daily is a better scoring option than year’s past and is more cost effective.
  • At 14 cost Philadelphia’s damage dealer Ivy is the biggest steal right now. 
  • Paris Eternal’s off-tank Hanbin turned 18 this week and is eligible to play starting this weekend. Given Xzi’s strong outing during opening weekend do not be surprised to see Hanbin starting immediately with Paris shifting to Rein/D.Va team compositions.
  • Following rocky starts Boston Uprising and Houston Outlaws find themselves vying for their first wins of their seasons. These two teams will clash on Saturday and the community is pretty split on this one. 
  • Toronto Defiant are off to a booming start in fantasy and will be expecting a scrappy match against the Philadelphia Fusion on Sunday. If you’re one to go “all in” on a given match this one is pretty enticing.

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