Canada announces finalized World Cup roster

Team Canada is looking to best their third place finish from last year’s Overwatch World Cup.

Last year’s team swept France 3-0 in the quarterfinals before falling to the silver medalists China in the semi-finals.

Canada would go on to defeat United Kingdom in a thrilling 5 map set in the 3rd place match to walk away with the bronze medal.

Returning to the 2019 Overwatch World Cup stage are all 7 starters from last year’s squad.

The frontline will be lead by xQc and Dallas Fuel tank NotE.

Canada’s DPS core features three flexible players in Los Angeles Gladiators DPS Surefour, Los Angeles Valiant DPS Agilities, and Toronto Defiant DPS Mangachu.

Looking to keep the hopes alive on the backline is the duo of Houston Outlaws support Bani and Team Envy support Crimzo.

  • DPS:
    • Surefour (Los Angeles Gladiators)
    • Agilities (Los Angeles Valiant)
    • Mangachu (Toronto Defiant)
  • Tank:
    • xQc
    • NotE (Dallas Fuel)
  • Support:
    • Bani (Houston Outlaws)
    • Crimzo (Team Envy)

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