About Us

Meet the Hosts

Overwatch League Network is a project that came together several months before Overwatch League came to be. The hosts are passionate about Overwatch and Overwatch eSports. We’re eager to see the continued growth of the competitive scene and look to be at the forefront in Overwatch League content creation.




Totemlydrunk is an avid Overwatch player, competitive Overwatch fan, caster, and content creator. Host of two different Overwatch podcasts. Totemlydrunk got his start by guesting on other podcasts early on in Overwatch’s development (The Cavalry) before venturing to start his own (Heroes Never Die). He later laid the ground work for Overwatch League Network alongside Slambo before later bringing on Spyder.



Slambo is no stranger to the competitive Overwatch scene. He’s been a content creator as host of The Cavalry and caster as part of The Overcasters alongside EndBoss. He’s not afraid to crack dad jokes, shamelessly plug community content, and is known by having “the most punchable face”. That meme has followed him from cast to cast, show to show, and shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon.



Spyder is the man behind the Overwatch League Network’s YouTube and video content. A big fan of Overwatch and competitive Overwatch – Spyder continues to hone his craft as a content creator. He acts as one of the co-hosts on OWLN. This year marked Spyder’s first trip out to Blizzcon.